Scott Decker, Store Manager left the mining business 20 years ago to work with this store

Bobby Foster, Assistant Store Manager, has many years of experience giving off a friendly smile for all customers

New Arby's coming soon next to Pierce Taber

James is active in his Lutheran Church in Birmingham, when away from the store

Kennath Reed giving his final professional touch on this custom mix/match.

Scott in the back working an order

Nice shirt, how do you keep it paintless?

Is Scott a lefty?

Mr. James Stafford one of fourteen children from Wilcox County, remembers picking cotton many years ago.

Mr. Stafford keeps the store and parking lot looking great!

Reckon how many gallons of paint Scott and his staff have loaded for their loyal customers?

STOP, visit Scott and his hard working staff at 1913 28th Avenue, South in Homewood, Alabama



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